Panarea Aeolian Islands hotels

Panarea Aeolian Islands hotels

Panarea Aeolian Islands hotels.

Panarea is the smallest and most mundane island of the Aeolian Islands, with the islets of Basiluzzo and Spinazzola, Bottaro, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca, what remains of Lisca Nera and the rocks of the Formiche and the Panarelli, is a small archipelago located between Lipari and Stromboli.

The island of Panarea is a regular destination for VIPs and common people from all over the world, who spend their holidays every year in this pristine oasis. In the town, located near the port, there are bars, restaurants, nightclubs and various shops.

Baia di Calajunco is the famous natural swimming pool of the island, characterized by crystal clear water and is enclosed by the rocks of the Punta Milazzese promontory.

Caletta Zimmari is the only beach on the island located between the town and Punta Milazzese. It’s very popular with tourists during the summer and is characterized by the reddish color of the sand.

Panarea Aeolian Islands hotels for your holiday in Sicily.


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